How To Use The Baelio Wallet

Our Wallet transactions are executed instantly in these 4 easy steps. 

  1. Log into the Baelio app and click on the “explore wallet” option at the top right corner to view the available options to either fund your wallet and/or pay to a wallet. 

  1. Click on “Fund my Wallet”. This displays the option to fund your wallet with your desired amount and it is completed/activated by clicking on “Add to Wallet”.
Click on “Fund my wallet.”
  1. Scroll to the question “how do you wish to pay?” and click on ” Interac”
  1. Next is to Send the funds to and click ‘I have sent an etransfer to validate your transaction.

Sit back as we fund your wallet in few seconds!


  • Manage your funds in-app as an alternative to a one-time Interac transfer. 
  • Make multiple transactions with one payment. 
  • Access your balance on the app.
  • Send funds directly to other Baelio Wallet Users.
  • Pay your bills and much more!

New to Mobile Wallet? Read more!

Most countries have practiced and benefited hugely from the “cashless policy”. The financial day-to-day activities in recent years are majorly executed using credit cards and debit cards. Agreeably it is more fascinating compared to carrying cash around. Although it is advisable to hold a little cash in case there is an emergency and your card declines. 

The high demand for more convenient means of making payments both locally and internationally has led to the birth of several financial institutions striving hard to procure easy and quality payment services, such as google pay, venmo, Baelio, etc.

The most thrilling trend in the financial sector now is the invention of mobile wallets. There has been a tremendous impact in the payment sector since its first launch in 2011 {google wallet}.


A mobile wallet is a digitized payment solution that enables users to make payments for all kinds of goods and services, with the benefit of storing payment details such as debit cards/credit cards in a highly secured and encoded format on a mobile device. A Mobile wallet eliminates the stress of entering your card details for every transaction. 


  1. Open Wallet

Open wallets are issued by financial institutions or banks. Open wallet presents the customer with the ability to make payments directly from their wallet and withdraw funds from the wallet in cash. E.g. PayPal.

  1. Semi-open wallet

A semi-open wallet enables users to make payments for goods and services directly from their wallet but does not support funds withdrawal.

  1. Semi-closed wallet

A semi-closed wallet enables users to make payments to several merchants. There is usually an existing agreement between the mobile wallet company and the various merchants. Also, funds from the wallet can be transferred into a bank account. an example is the Baelio app.

  1. Closed wallet

Closed wallets are affiliated with a specific merchant and funds in the wallet can only be used for payment with that merchant. Funds cannot be withdrawn in cash nor transferred to a bank account.


  • Your payment details are stored in a highly secured and encoded format. 

This ensures no other person can have access to the details but you. For making wallet payments, an encrypted payment code is generated to ensure sophisticated security.

  • The mobile wallet makes it easy for transactions to be completed in no distant time. With the benefit of saving all payment details, you are not required to enter details again for every transaction. You need just a few clicks to get your transactions executed. 
  • A mobile wallet lets users make payments for various transactions, such as paying water bills, electricity, cable, etc. It can also be used to purchase flight tickets, movie tickets, groceries, and much more. 
  • The mobile wallet comes with the benefit of automatic bill payment. All you need to do is to set autopay and specify the bills and dates for the payment, the system will automatically make the payment on the specified dates. 

Similarly, there are various payment providers on the internet promoting their services with distinct enticing features but the service that has left a long-lasting impression in the minds of users is the Baelio app. 

Baelio is a reliable payment app that lets users send funds across borders ensuring quality service and 247 access. 

Great news! Baelio users are not left out in partaking from the enormous benefits of Mobile wallet as it has launched its mobile wallet feature that will enable its users to perform and manage their in-app transactions efficiently at their convenience. 

Download the Baelio app now to experience a world of seamless and frictionless payment. 

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