• Ways To Send Money Abroad

    Ways To Send Money Abroad

    Sending money internationally is a lot different compared to sending money within your local region. You should take out time to examine the money transfer options out there with the most cost-effective, reliable, and secured services. You can speed up your transactions […]

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  • Different Ways To Migrate To Canada

    Different Ways To Migrate To Canada

     Ranked in 3rd position in the world’s most stable economy, Canada offers some of the best newcomer services in the world. These services are designed to help new immigrants find housing, and jobs, improve their language skills, help file taxes, enroll children […]

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    We know you’ve got your game on, how about a quick puzzle to prove it? Every Baelio user stands a chance to win $250 on the Grid puzzle win – Monthly giveaway.   WINNING WORD “FAST” Follow these easy steps to qualify and play […]

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  • How To Use The Baelio Wallet

    How To Use The Baelio Wallet

    Our Wallet transactions are executed instantly in these 4 easy steps.  Log into the Baelio app and click on the “explore wallet” option at the top right corner to view the available options to either fund your wallet and/or pay to a […]

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  • Facts About The Canadian Dollar

    Facts About The Canadian Dollar

    you are about to relocate to Canada, on a visit or maybe for the purpose of tourism, you should first do a background check about their climate, languages, some basic local laws and most importantly know about the currency.  Prior to the […]

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  • World’s  Most Valued Currencies

    World’s Most Valued Currencies

    . Before the emergence of currency, the means of buying and selling was trade by barter system and this system was backbreaking because buying and selling was done based on an estimated value. The real value for the goods traded was not […]

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  • How To Find A Job In Canada As A New Immigrant

    How To Find A Job In Canada As A New Immigrant

    Nowadays, migration has become a trend; more and more people migrate from one country to another every day for several reasons, including higher education, tourism, and employment, and a few migrate as refugees. Canada is one of the top countries preferred for […]

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  • Five (5) Tips To Becoming A Successful International Student

    Five (5) Tips To Becoming A Successful International Student

    Are you contemplating on moving from your home country to pursue education in another country? This is a huge decision that can be exciting for some people and quite challenging for many people due to the exotic feeling. According to the statistics […]

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  • Starting a Small Business

    Starting a Small Business

    With the emergence of the internet all over the world, starting a small business overseas and making cross-border trade has now become more accessible. Gone are the days when people had to wait for weeks and months to get products delivered abroad […]

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  • Africans in Diaspora

    Africans in Diaspora

    According to the data published by Worldometer , the world’s second-most populous continent, Africa is home to 1,406,940,591 people, which is 16.72% of the world’s population. Africans have a median age under 19.7 of over 50 per cent. By 2050, the population […]

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