About Us

Our App

Baelio is a digital payment solution focused on cross border remittances, international peer to peer [P2P] payments and wallet transactions. Baelio uses advanced technology to enhance user experience when they carry out P2P payments and money transfers. Our consumer-centric capabilities enable family and friends to quickly and affordably send money. Based in Nova Scotia, we bring about solutions that take money remittance to the next level filling the gaps that exist in the market. Our customers get swift service and maximum value everytime they transact using our platform.

Our Mission

It’s our mission to enhance the value received by hardworking people who use our services to send money to their loved ones or move money to fulfill other needs. With our innovative products and our customer-centric focus, we are set to revolutoinize the remittance space.

Our Team

We are guided by a dynamic group of people who work hard daily to ensure that your promises are kept.