How To Find A Job In Canada As A New Immigrant

Nowadays, migration has become a trend; more and more people migrate from one country to another every day for several reasons, including higher education, tourism, and employment, and a few migrate as refugees. Canada is one of the top countries preferred for living, followed by USA, UK, and Australia.

Immigrants in Canada have significant exposure to both facilities and possibilities. Students across the world migrate as immigrants to Canada for their better future and stable careers.

For settlement, a job has a significant role to play. Canada has a secure economy that opens up multiple opportunities in the field of employment for immigrants. Currently, there are numerous jobs in Canada that are in demand. The list of demanding jobs includes- jobs in the medical sector (nurses and doctors), jobs in the field of management (human resources manager, i.e., HR), and occupational jobs like- truck drivers, welders, receptionists, hotel staff etc. 

But here the question arises how an immigrant can find a job in Canada? So, let’s make it easy by listing some essential steps that can help one to get a job in Canada.

These are the following steps that an immigrant should follow to get a job in Canada:

  1. Search for a suitable job: The first and foremost step to getting a job is to search for one. One can google for nearby jobs of interest and gather all the related information about that particular job. The preferred websites are LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Job Bank.
  2. Build a resume: The next significant step is to create a strong profile; that means one must build a professional resume and keep updating it if one wishes to apply for a good. And for this, one should work as a volunteer in one’s starting days. It will not only help you gain experience and add some skills in your resume, but also help you in networking. 
  3. Be efficient in regional language: One should learn and practise the regional language of the country. Meanwhile, English and French are the two official languages of Canada, so job seekers need to be efficient and fluent in speaking and understanding both the languages. However, there is no need to worry if you don’t know French as it is an asset and not a requirement in many of the jobs.
  4. Networking: One should try to build connections. Although making connections with local natives has always been helpful for living on foreign land, immigrants need to develop a good and truthful network of contacts with the people already in the market. Creating a LinkedIn profile and joining groups will help you a lot.
  5. Search for references: One must find someone reliable and responsible who will help them with the possible recommendations and references. With strong references, one can get a job quickly.
  6. Documentation and evaluation: One definitely should have all valid and updated documents like- a work permit or student’s works visa. Immigrants also need to have a proper professional evaluation from certified authorities.

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