Five (5) Tips To Becoming A Successful International Student

Are you contemplating on moving from your home country to pursue education in another country?

This is a huge decision that can be exciting for some people and quite challenging for many people due to the exotic feeling. According to the statistics broadcast by UNESCO, In 2019, there were over 6 million international students, up from 2 million in the year 2000.The US with 976,853 international student, Australia with 509,160 international students,and the UK with 489,019 international students were the most popular destinations,receiving 33% of international students. According to the Immigration Refugees And Citizenship Canada (IRCC)  data,the number of new study permits in Nigeria increased by 30.3 percent to 13.745 from 10,550 in 2020, making it the ninth most popular source country. As an international student in Canada,  you are presented with a new cultural, economical and study environment that requires insight to guide you in your academic journey in order to achieve success that will set you up for a bright future.

Here’s five (5) tips to help you succeed as an international student.

  1. Financial Planning/Budgeting

Living costs can vary significantly across different parts of Canada. Usually, living in urban areas is more expensive than living in the suburbs or in small towns. Therefore, smart planning can help you around financial worries while you go about your studies. A well planned student budget is important to keep track of expenses, plan savings and ensure that you have enough money to cover any emergency expenses. It is equally important that you plan your meals and personal grocery shopping.

Effective budget planning

As an international student you might want to socialize and have fun; You will have to make provisions for your entertainment, extracurricular and other personal spending. 

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2. Finding Accommodation 

The moment you step foot in Canada the thought of where to stay and how to go about it hits you, of course that is a natural feeling but not so easy especially for first time travelers.

The most important things to consider when searching for accommodation are Security, Proximity and Finance. Get first hand information about security from the residents so as not to rent an apartment in an unsafe area, also endeavor to get an apartment that is close to your school so you do not have to spend so much on  transportation. It is expected that you go for an accommodation that is most affordable. 

Some of the accommodation options to choose from are;

  • College Residence: This is one of the most known accommodation options for international students which is superintend by the educational institution. It is usually close to the university and makes it easy for students to come together for social activities. If you are interested in this accommodation, do well to contact the right department for more information and bills payment.

  • Private Rentals: This is another very popular accommodation option for international students.These are owned by landlords around the school vicinity to cater for the accommodation needs of international students. Most times, students come together, get the apartment and share the rent amongst themselves, this enables them to save some money.
  • Local Homestays: This is a civilized arrangement by some international student accommodation agencies where students are linked up with a local host family. Your Homestay family will give you a place to stay in their house, give you access to their ordinary sphere.This option makes it easy for international students to integrate into the Canadian system. 

There are diverse sites online where you can inquire about student accommodation. You can as well join student groups where information regarding accommodation is shared.

3. Acclimatisation

Moving from your home country to Canada in pursuant of education will be a daunting task, Considering the new challenges you would be facing in your new country.

Prior to moving to Canada, you must have heard how freezing cold Canada can be right? Do not freak out as this can be properly managed by following these guides.

Apparently, Canada is one of the coldest countries in the world, it vies with Russia for first place as the coldest nation in the world, with an average daily annual temperature of 5.6 degree celsius compared to other countries, as published by Canadian Geographic

  • Ensure you download a weather forecast app on your phone to give you an insight on how your tomorrow weather will be so it doesn’t take you unaware. Always prepare for winter beforehand. 
  • When it is snowy, endeavor to leave your house to your lecture venue much earlier to your lecture time, this is because things get really slow when it is snowy.
  • Sometimes there may be blackouts as a result of storm damage, ensure you have your lighting equipment handy to illuminate your house at times like this.
  • Ensure there are thick winter jackets, socks, head warmers, gloves, boots and things to keep you as warm as possible in your wardrobe. 

Basically, for you to survive as an international student in Canada, you will need to give yourself enough time to be able to adapt to the way of life. Most students experience culture shock, and the best way to deal with this is by engaging yourself with activities you find pleasure in.

As an international student it is important to familiarise yourself with the laws of your city; know your right as an immigrant, comply with local regulations at all times because any infraction may affect your legal status.

Nevertheless, endeavour to stay healthy by eating good meals and exercising. There are various African food stores around you, do well to stop by and you may be lucky to find your favourite meals from home

4. Balancing Studies , Work and Play

It is important to take up a part time job to support your financial expenses if your study visa permits it; As a result, the challenge of balancing your academic, work and other activities comes in. To overcome this challenge, use your course timetable to create a schedule that allows time for everything you aim to do, including studying, networking, socializing, commuting to lectures and working part time.

Join a social group

To get started,you will need to submit some paperwork to the appropriate authorities to obtain a work permit. If you are able to meet the criteria,you will be issued a work permit, with this you can work up to 20 hrs a week during academic period and full time when on vacation. 

5. Opening A Bank Account 

After successfully securing a part-time job, the issue of sending and receiving money comes to mind. Helpfully there are various bank options to choose from and their website gives all information you need to know to open an account with them. When choosing a bank, you should consider the rate at which your account will be charged for maintenance, an atm friendly bank and a  bank that supports mobile banking applications.

Since the emergence of mobile finance applications, financial activities have been made easy. Everyone  wants to get things done at their comfort zone including their financial transactions hence the need for Baelio.

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