Getting Started with Baelio

Enough of those complicated methods and the high exchange rates of transferring money overseas! Everyone looks for an easy way that saves time, effort, and extra charges to send money home.

Are you not satisfied with your current service? Does it feel complicated sometimes? Do you need an app that offers the best exchange rates, has high transaction speed and tracks money status at every stage of the transaction? We introduce you to Baelio.

Baelio is the best payment app for Africans in the diaspora. According to the users, conducting safe overseas transactions has never been so quick and easy. This is what we call the Baelio way!

Using our simple tool, Baelio, you may send money in a few clicks from Canada to Nigeria. We provide the most economical exchange rates available in the market, allowing customers to save more on each transfer and ensuring that they get the most for their money.

How to send a transfer using the app

Once you have downloaded the app, you need to create your account, it will verify you with an OTP. Input the amount you want to send, you can see the “Baelio fee and Rate of Exchange” on the same page, add the payee, confirm the details and make the transfer. It’s this simple to use!

Exchange Rate
Track Transaction
Transaction history

Key Features

  • Track Transaction: Nothing can be more frustrating than not knowing where exactly your money has reached and how much time it will take to reach the recipient, especially when you are sending it abroad. When you send the money with Baelio, you can track the status of your money at every stage of the transfer, from the time you send it to the time the recipient receives it. 
  • Transfer History: There is no stress to remember your transfers when you can always check your transaction history in the app. You can always go back to the app and see when, how much, and to whom you had sent money.
  • Baelio Wallet: It is a free Wallet provided to you where you have the option of holding money till you use it. By doing this, you can save time by not entering your card information each time you need to make a payment.
  • Referral Program: The referral programe is specifically designed to reward every member of the Baelio family who deserves it. Users of Baelio can earn rewards each time a new friend signs up for the service using their referral code and completes their first transaction. There is no earning cap, and our current referral income per transaction is set at CA$5.
  • Exchange Rate: Customers can save more on each transfer by using our services since Baelio offers the most affordable exchange rates in the market, guaranteeing that they get the most for their money. You can always check the exchange rate in the app before sending the amount.

Safe and Secure

For Baelio, safety, security, and transparency are the priority! It doesn’t store any kind of user data and information.

Once you have used Baelio, you will use it again!

Experience the fast and hassle-free money transfer method by downloading Baelio today!

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